Due to the Pandemic of Covid 19 all current offerings are online:-

Mini-course – “Pandemic: Panic or Personal Power?”

Earth Wisdom Coaching / Mentoring


A journey of transformation and empowerment

“The Earth Warrior is a heart warrior – one who stands for life and meets challenges as teachings. They are here to awaken our relationship with the Earth and all her offspring. As they awaken consciousness in the self, they awaken it in others. Their aim is not to diminish Life but to pierce the bubble of illusion that separates us from the Universe, and their weapon is the human heart.  This makes them both vulnerable and invincible.”  Read more

My name is Carlos, and I’ve been working with Earth Wisdom Teachings since the 1980s.   Of all the forms of personal development I’ve tried they’ve taken me furthest on the adventure of self-discovery and personal growth. They’ve brought meaning to my life and joy to my heart.  Through this website I’d like to offer them to you, in the same spirit of discovery… I feel in my bones that they will help us humans move to a new consciousness and make peace with our planet.

Coming Soon:

May 16th   2020     Introduction to Earth Warrior Training  To be held online.

Scheduled but on hold due to pandemic:

May 29th – 31st  2020  Drum Dance, North Devon

July 2nd – 5th 2020  Start of  Earth Warrior Training

September 1st – 6th  2020    Vision Quest



“I feel more grounded, more confident in myself, and have a greater sense of what I am on Earth to do and be… Overall you guys were awesome, and I believe I have derived many      long term benefits.”   Jeff Starbird, Devon

” Such a profound experience.  Since then I feel very grounded, connected with the earth even when strolling through the concrete of my neighbourhood.  I feel a very strong trust in myself and my future.”  Svenja Kleinjung, London.

“I went on vision quest with Carlos over ten years ago and am still getting the benefits.   It’s given me clarity about my relationship with self, life and the Universe.”  Simon Smith, South Devon.

I have experienced the healing power of being truly heard and seen…what always makes it very special to be guided by Carlos is his caring, dedicated and inspired attention to what is happening and what is needed in the moment.”  Nathalie Petit, France.

Contact Me   0044 (0)7546 547 133

Sunnyside, Bulkamore, Rattery, nr Totnes, Devon, TQ10 9LQ, UK.