Earth Wisdom Coaching / Mentoring

Earth Wisdom Coaching / Mentoring


A lot of coaching is about building confidence and motivation, looking within and reflecting on values and goals.

Earth Wisdom Teachings are an ideal basis for this because they engage your whole being and deepen your connection with the universe and all its powers. It’s simple: as we expand our consciousness through this relationship, we expand access to our inner resources –








We’re more confident, more able to meet Life’s challenges and more able to bring our dreams into manifestation.

Who Benefits

I work with anyone who wishes to grow themselves. Essentially this is soul work. It is for the whole person – spirit, emotions, body and mind.

It will also benefit the people around you and clients you work with because it increases your capacity to support them to generate their own ‘Medicine’.

This work is not just theoretical or intellectual. The brain is great for analysis, organization and memory, but this style of coaching incorporates another way of knowing as well – that of the heart. The heart connects us with inner knowing, courage, clarity and love. We’ll also tap into the body-mind, which is a vast field of intelligence, as well as the womb or ki centre, the base energy centre and our emotional mind.

Purpose of Mentoring

The purpose is for you to follow your path of heart and fulfill your destiny as a sacred human.

Mentoring Methods

Most importantly creating a sacred space in which you can grow, learn and find inspiration.

I also suggest practices for outside the session: this is a way to deepen and strengthen in daily life.

Self-esteem becomes less of an issue the more we connect with the Deep Self.


Sessions last one hour. The fee is £60. All sessions are currently on Zoom.

Free Discovery Consultation

Book your free consultation and experience Earth Wisdom coaching for yourself. Bring your questions and find out how I work.

Please contact me for a free personal consultation to discover more about Earth Medicine coaching and to see if working with me will work for you.   07546 547 133

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