Earth Wisdom Teachings

Earth Wisdom Teachings

The teachings come from an ancient body of knowledge that flourished among the Mayans, but they are needed in our world today.

On the one hand they support us to transform our consciousness. On the other they provide tools for us to organize ourselves in groups and communities in ways that are not based on hierarchy.

They provide ways to realize our oneness with the Universe, to heal and empower ourselves and to grow in self-knowledge. They are also practical tools that enable us to meet life’s everyday challenges.  The time in which we live calls for us to evolve in both these ways.

Today people are using the teachings in various ways: for personal growth and self-knowledge; to find their purpose and heal and empower themselves; and to bring clear, bright energy to their relationships.

Others bring this knowledge into diverse fields: organizational development in China and Eastern Europe; mental health-care in Germany; drama productions in New York; training senior police officers in Scotland; and empowering adolescents to be self-leaders in the London area.

Benefits of Earth Wisdom Teachings

Benefits for Individuals

  • Accessing inner wisdom and inspiration
  • Self-esteem and self-authority
  • Emotional stability
  • Finding meaning & purpose in life
  • Truly caring for yourself
  • Clarity & courage
  • Creating happiness in your consciousness
  • Even a small improvement in our relationship with our Self can bring a huge benefit in our experience of the outer world.

Benefits for relationships

Clearing our relationship with our Self, we can bring clear energy into our relationships with others.

We all benefit – partners, family, friends and colleagues.

Benefits for groups, teams and organizations

When each person increases their wellbeing, there is wellbeing in the community and in the collective consciousness.