About Us

About Us

CARLOS: I founded Earth Wisdom Teachings in the late 1990′s.  I live in South Devon, England, with my wife Sue, and daughter, Ayesha.
After travelling widely in Europe, North and South America, India and Egypt, I explored various paths of self-growth, including counselling, aikido, meditation and Process Oriented Psychology. I was inspired by great wildernesses – forests, deserts and mountains and naturally drawn to indigenous wisdom. I studied with various teachers and trained with Ehama Institute of New Mexico. I have been running ceremonies since 1993 and am dedicated to this path of Earth Medicine. “I foresee continuing my training for the rest of this lifetime”.

I am co-leading the current Evocative Leadership Mastery with WindEagle in Spain, and am delighted to be offering the second Sacred Leadership journey online with my wife Sue and two associates, Juliette Morgan and Jill Greenacre. My one-to-one work of coaching / mentoring emerges from the Earth Wisdom Teachings and is grounded in our relationship with the Earth and all her offspring.

During the current coronavirus pandemic all my work is online and the scheduled ceremonies are on hold.

Earth Wisdom Coaching / Mentoring

Mini-course online

I am also available to present or hold ceremonies by arrangement. All events are guided by myself and some of them also with associates:-


SUSAN MILNER: I work as a Process Oriented Psychotherapist with individuals, couples and groups, having completed my training 10 years ago. This has brought me a lot of challenge and learning, and I am now excited to be offering the Earth Warrior Training.
I am passionate about the Sacred and experience it particularly in the wild places of nature, through body-symptoms and in dreams. I continue to explore many ways of spirituality such as esoteric Christianity, Buddhism and Earth Medicine. I am also passionate about diversity and mental health, working with people in extreme states and at the margins. I believe that deep transformation comes when we can let go of who we think we are. I’m fully trained in Process Oriented Psychology, am an authorised teacher of the Dance of the Directions and a seed carrier of the Discipline of Peace through the Ehama Institute.  I am married to Carlos and we have two children.

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WINDEAGLE KINNEY-LINTON: Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, Founder and Director of Ehama Institute. WindEagle has journeyed many years studying and teaching Earth Wisdom. She is the co-author of “Heart Seeds, A Message from our Ancestors” and initated the Discipline of Peace movement and Evocative Leadership Mastery training.