“The Earth Warrior is a heart warrior – one who stands for life and meets challenges as teachings. Earth Warriors are here to awaken our relationship with the Earth and all her offspring. As they awaken consciousness in the self, they awaken it in others. Their aim is not to diminish Life but to pierce the bubble of illusion that separates us from the Universe, and their weapon is the human heart.  This makes them both vulnerable and invincible.”

Carlos introduces this training:-

Earth Warrior Training

On this journey we combine Earth Medicine and Process Work. This is a potent combination of ancient wisdom lineage and contemporary psychology. Based on the timeless Medicine Wheel as our map, designed for the challenges of today, this is a journey of consciousness for those who stand for Life and for our Earth. Its intention is the transformation of participants and the world. Its methods are tried-and-tested tools of self-empowerment and ceremonies that shift our very synapses. Its effects ripple into far-distant systems. Its outcome is wholeness.

Process Work helps you expand your awareness to find the creativity in all that disturbs you. Its methods include working with dreams, symptoms and conflict and are being used by individuals and groups around the world.

Earth Warriors are like imaginal cells. In a caterpillar these are the cells that cause the pupa to transform into a butterfly: in human consciousness they are the catalysts of transformation.


* All things are connected in a vast web of relationship.

* The state of our inner world determines how we affect the outer world.

* The body and night dreams are profoundly connected and can always offer us guidance.

* Wholeness is experienced through diversity. We welcome both inner and outer diversity to this training, including physical and mental health, race, ethnicity and sexuality.

If this training calls to you, please register your interest here:

Who is this training for?

This training is for those who want to stand for life-affirming response to the challenges we humans face globally and locally.

We welcome participants with a great diversity of experience. This training is not about working with the intellect but with the wisdom of the heart, the knowing of the gut, the intelligence of emotion and intuition of the body. We will train ourselves to drop into stillness to heighten our awareness of the mystery of the present moment. We will learn to access our dreaming body in order to deepen intimacy with nature and learn from her many expressions. We will activate our heart-knowing to take the next steps of action. And we will develop resilience and access to our inner resources.

We will learn to:

* awaken the potential in ourselves, our families, at work and in the world;

* perceive without judgement in order to read the present situation accurately and see what is needed for healing;

* use movement,sound and creative materials to embody our innate powers;

* find our dream and move towards it with confidence;

* see deeply into systems and what is needed for them to heal and flourish;

* how to dream and create in collaboration with others;

* activate our courage and act decisively;

* listen to all the perspectives to allow integrity and vitality to emerge;

* find the creativity within conflict.

Sue and Carlos speaking about this training journey:

One of the participants on the first Earth Warrior Training offered this feedback:

“I have so much appreciated working with you both on the Earth Warrior journey.
It has been deep, rich, challenging and immensely empowering for me.
Everything I could have wished for…”

Circle Movement Practice

 Structure of the Journey

Before entry into the Earth Warrior Journey we invite you to take part in a one-day Entry Portal Ceremony. This is not required but we recommend it. It’s a “taster” that will give you an overview of the journey and an experience of some of the concepts, tools and teachings. You can then choose whether to commit to the full journey or not.

The full journey consists of a further six ceremonies lasting from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. These are scheduled about six to seven weeks apart.

During the periods in between ceremonies you will be guided to use the tools and teachings in your daily life. There will be a private online space for you to share your learning and news, hear from others and receive feedback and further teaching. You are recommended to check in to this online space once every two to three days.

Themes and Flow of the Training

Ceremony 1. Evoking Allied Energy

In this ceremony we will awaken inner powers that support our evolution. We’ll move to greater wholeness, celebrating diversity in the self and others.

Power flows through us from our relationship with the Universe. By aligning with the Universe within we increase the flow. We will align with practices that expand consciousness and bring awareness to energies that are sometimes marginalized.

The Medicine Wheel is the map for this journey, with Process Work supporting our access to the energies of empowerment. This is a potent combination of an ancient wisdom lineage and contemporary psychology.

Ceremony 2. Creating Sacred Space

In this ceremony we learn to create sacred space. Creating sacred space we open a field of consciousness in ourselves, a field that evokes high consciousness in others. We open the field through thought, word and action, balancing the elements of spirit, emotion, body and heart-mind.

An important aspect of this is presence (in the south-east of the Medicine Wheel). We’ll explore practices that deepen presence and heighten awareness, thus opening “the door to the Great Mystery”.

This is a high training in the art of building energy-containers and holding yourself and others for healing, learning and growth.

Vision Questing by a beech tree

Ceremony 3. Building Resilience 

In this ceremony we will explore our power to heal, nurture and regenerate: what is needed to boost our resilience?

We will also access the dreaming level of consciousness and explore how to co-create with the universe (the north-west of the Medicine Wheel). Our body is part of a vast field of subtle intelligence (the Process Mind) that receives and sends messages. Through this intelligence we’ll learn to be more conscious dreamers and help shift the collective dream through the dance of yielding and changing.

Ceremony 4. Opening the Vision 

In this ceremony you will solo-quest on the Mother Earth to focus your high purpose through deep communion with Life. You’ll be opening your pathfinding intelligence (south-west of the Medicine Wheel). This will help you uncover more of the unique gifts that you carry and how to bring them for the benefit of all.

We will also heighten our awareness of Medicine signs and of underlying processes such as dreams and symptoms. We’ll use methods to unfold their meaning and will be learning to meet all the things that disturb us as opportunities to awaken and to remember the truth of who we have come here to be.

This ceremony involves camping in an idyllic place in North Devon.

Ceremony 5. Guarding the Spirit Fire

In this ceremony we’ll activate our power of transformation and ability to shift energy to bring wholeness (north-east). We’ll learn more about appreciating our many levels of experience and energy states of consciousness. We’ll look at what it means for each of us to stand for Life on Earth and what is needed for Life to continue.

We’ll open the Process Work concept of ‘deep democracy’ and learn to ‘hear all the voices’ in ourselves and others. We’ll also learn about holding council and supporting collective transformation in groups and communities.

In essence this ceremony is about integrity, vitality and transformation.

Ceremony 6. Blessing the Journey

Having activated the energies we now step powerfully into our centre – the ‘Diamond Self’. In this ceremony we will connect fully with the above, below and centre of the self and deepen our access to the inner resources, the powers that we can call on as Earth Warriors to meet whatever challenges come to us.

We will explore healing and learning through our relationship with the four elements– earth air, fire and water – and receive their blessing on our journey.

Dates  (2020)

Introductory Ceremony : 4th April

Ceremony 1: 2nd – 5th July

Ceremony 2: 20th – 23rd August

Ceremony 3: 24th – 27th September

Ceremony 4: 6th – 9th November

Ceremony 5: 10th – 13th December

Ceremony 6: January 2021 Date to be confirmed


The first ceremony will be at a venue in woodland in South Devon. The venue is off-grid and non-residential. Your accommodation for this is not included in the overall price.

The venue for the second ceremony is in ancient woodland and water-meadow in North Devon. It involves camping, the cost of which is included.

The the third, fourth and fifth ceremonies are at residential venues in Devon, and the cost of your accommodation is included. The venue for the sixth ceremony has yet to be confirmed.

All ceremonies will last from 6.00pm on the first day to 4.00pm on the last. For the first four and the last ceremonies this will be Thursday to Sunday, while the fifth one starts on a Friday and finishes on a Monday.

Flying high together

Cost, Payment and Application.

The cost of the Introductory Ceremony is £90.

The cost of the full training is £1598 if you pay in installments or £1450 if you pay in full in advance.

To apply for a place on this journey, please contact us by email or text 0044 (0) 7546 547 133.

Once accepted, please send a deposit of £100 to secure your place. If you pay by installments this will be taken off your final payment. You’ll need to pay five installments of £266.33 (to arrive no later than two weeks before each ceremony) and one of £166.33 (a fortnight before the final ceremony).

If you choose to pay the full amount in advance you can pay £100 deposit and then the balance of £1350 or simply pay the total of £1450.

The cost includes tuition, twelve nights accommodation, support between ceremonies and the non-residential venue for the first two ceremonies.

Introductory Ceremony

This one-day ceremony will enable you to experience the teachings and method of the journey before committing. It is recommended but not required. Some people who have experienced the power of Earth Wisdom teachings at previous ceremonies may wish to commit to the journey without coming to an Entry Portal.

The Entry Portal costs £90 and takes place at our house and land in South Devon between 10.00am and 5.00pm.

Introductory Date (2020):

Saturday 4th April

Food and Accommodation

Teas and coffees will be provided. Food is not included in the course fee. We will organize together how to feed ourselves on the journey. This is part of our training experience and offers an opportunity to practice the teachings about living tribally.

Accommodation is included for all ceremonies except the second. For this there are opportunities for B and B, Air BnB, camping and other forms of accommodation nearby.


The Earth Warrior Training is led by Sue Milner and Carlos Philip Glover. See About Us

Further Testimony.

Many people who have worked with the tools and teachings have had profound benefits in their personal development. Some testimonials from other journeys based on Earth Wisdom:

“I’m deeply gratefull to have met these profound teachings and be able to walk the path of the Delicate Lodge Teachings”  K.O.Nielsen, Denmark

“A journey in beauty, love, consciousness, energy, and life. A journey to wholeness”… A. Gysparis, Greece

“The depth and the power of the teachings are outstanding”  Klaus, Germany

“Since I started this journey, my life is transforming in many senses…. I am experiencing more and more, joy, love and abundance.” L. Pereda, Spain

“Earth Wisdom teachings bring us back into a deeper and more intimate connection with ourselves and the world around us.  I have found such a sense of inner peace and a growing intimacy with all of life” M. Eclare, England

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